What products of Indonesia Cigarettes sell and why should I purchase online?
We sell fresh and cheap cigarettes, all of our products are guaranteed to be of the hygienic and highest quality and by the original manufacturer. Since we receive all our products directly from the manufacturer, we always can supply the best all of our products at the lowest prices.

Can I buy Clove Cigarettes  Credit Card?
We accepted payment via Credit card, 

Are you selling clove cigarettes online and shipping the clove cigarettes overseas ?
We ship to almost anyplace in the world. and our product legal within the conditions of the international postal regulations and standards.

How many cartons, if I order cigarettes from your store ?
We do not have limit order from our customer, you can make order as many as you want but for countries with straight law about imported cigarettes, we recommended for cigarettes buyer that there are no more than 12 cartons per single order.

Are imported clove cigarettes and other products always subject to duty taxes?
No. In most countries, duty tax is not charged for buying and importing up to 200 clove cigarettes at a time. For the other products please check with your local post office for more detail info on quotas.

After purchase my order, How many days I recieve my products?
It takes anywhere between 3 - 14 days for Express Mail Service (EMS)  to receive your order of all our products. This mainly depends on your location.

How does Indonesia-Cigarettes.com shipping work?
We'll ship your order immediately once Our Merchant Processing that your payment has been settled. It may take 3 - 14 working days, depends on the destination. Please remember, there is always a few days spent for custom/duty clearance.

By which mail courier are the Kretek Cigarettes shipped?
We use Express Mail Service shipping for our products and therefore you may receive your order either to your address or to your local post office (a cording on the services provided by your local post office). If the parcel has arrived to your local post office, they will inform you without additional cost.

How to track the status and shipment of my order?
Please Login to your account, and click Track Order on your Status Order id.

Could you guaranteed that I will not be subjected to duty tax?
Indonesia Cigarettes not guarantee, we only suggest the customer's to responsibility to check the postal rules and regulation standards of you country, please contact you Customs Office in your country before make ordering.

Can you make order on Weekends ?
Yes, we recieve order 7 days a week. We ship most of orders next day, except Saturday orders shipped Monday.

Is it safe and secure that the information I place over on the internet ?
Our secure payment gateway works on a highly protected server. Our server is certified by RapidSSL. We deliver the highest levels of trust and security so you can be certain that our site is genuine, and that the information you send via your web browsers, and other devices stay private and confidential. Indonesia Cigarettes automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to our server. The credit card details are checked and verified online by a third party payment gateway.

How I contact if I have any question about your product information ?
Please do not hesitate to contact us at: order@indonesia-cigarettes.com, We will respond to any questions you ask us as soon asposible.

Shipping Destination
3 - 14 Business Days to USA, Africa and Europe.
3 - 7 Business Days to Asia and Australia











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