Credit Card

You could check out via Credit Card after register and place an order. 

Credit Card Via Money Gram
You may pay your order by Money Gram and this is a fast service.  Using your Credit or Debit card, funds will typically arrive in minutes

You could pay in SUPER WALMART has MONEYGRAM moneytransfer service ( NEVER SAY FOR CIGARETTES !!! )

  1. Visit  - Accept Credit Cards and Bank Account
  2. Visit a local Money Gram agency (find nearest location)

We will provide detailed information about how to send Money Gram payment when you complete your order.

 How to sending Money Online using Money Gram ?
Sending money with MoneyGram is easy, affordable, and fast. Please Visit :


Attention :

All other orders are generally delayed by our fraud prevention system. Sometimes the delay may be as much as 72 hours, and if there is a high indicator of possible fraud, your package may never be sent. Unknown customer orders are processed manually. We attempt to verify authenticity on orders from unknown customers. We check your store registration details against your payment details.



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Credit Card

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